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Why should I hire a travel planner instead of doing it myself?

Great question. Most travelers love the idea of planning their own trips, but here's why we think you should pay us to do it instead:

  • The logistic of planning a trip can be really hard. Dreaming up things to do and see is the fun part. But putting it all together and mapping out the itinerary driving around from one activity to the other, when it's open, how long to spend in each spot, and whether you’ll need booking in advance? Not so much. We take all your needs and expectations, and optimize your time so that you can see it all.
  • We’ll save you up to 80 hours. The average person spends a minimum of10-30 hours travel planning. To organize a trip to Europe with the level of organization and detail provided by foodie.nomad, you would have to spend about 8h per travel day. For a 10-day trip, that's about 80h of search (Internet, guidebooks or with friends) and calls to book everything (lodging, restaurants, foodie activities). Instead of waiting on hold for a restaurant reservation or to book a wine tour, leave it to us.
  • Cut through the noise and connect with a foodie travel expert. It’s our job to obsess about the latest and bests foodie destinations every day, cutting through the noise of travel forums and review sites. Our foodie and local experts visit most sites we suggest for your itinerary. So, why should you listen to an anonymous person on the internet instead of an expert you can trust who has experience planning unique trips in that destination as well as access to a vast network of locals?
  • If you are pressed for time or just want to avoid hassles. About one in three travelers feels overwhelmed by the amount of travel information online. If you’re in this group, or simply don’t have time to deal with trip planning, a travel planner or concierge can do it all for you. Tell them where you want to go and the types of things you like to do, and they can put together a list of options for you and book them, saving you time. A travel coach or planner is particularly useful to travelers who plan to take a thematic trip like food & wine.
  • If you want more of a local experience. Good travel coach and planners have relationships with locals in your destination, so they can do things like arrange for you to have wine tasting at exclusive wineries, recommend restaurants that residents like but tourists don’t tend to know about, or find a tiny boutique-hotel or B&B for you to stay at where you can get to know the owner.
  • If you want a highly customized experience. More and more travelers are asking for one-of-a-kind trips specifically tailored to their likes. A foodie might want something like a private cooking class in Italy, a meet-and-greet with a chef she’s been reading about and a table in the private wine room of a restaurant. While she might not have the connections to get this done herself, a travel coach or planner with deep local knowledge might be able to make this happen for her.

Why work with FoodieNomad?


  • 60 YEARS OF COMBINED EXPERIENCE: FoodieNomad's founders have been busy discovering hidden gems throughout Europe and America since 1985. Although they have already crossed the age of 50, an assiduous diet based on the best foods and local wines, allows them to be more active than ever and continue their quest for the best places.
  • 1000+ FOODIE DESTINATIONS VISITED: Our team of route designers are true enthusiasts and their expertise is to turn your dream into reality. They have personnally visited more than 1000 award-winning wineries, starred restaurants and boutique hotels to develop a network of carefully selected destinations
  • 150 000+ READERS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Experienced travelers and sought-after travel consultants, our expert reviews of the exclusive destinations visited, are awarded by more than 100,000 readers on various networks and social media.
  • LOCAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK: Over the years, we have built strong and close relationships with a network of the best experts, guides and hosts in each of the regions served. Whether in France, Italy or California, you will always benefit from our support and that of our network. We know how things work locally and how to navigate them;
  • WE LOVE TRAVEL, WINE AND FOOD: Simply because we love traveling and discovering new cultures through local terroir and admiring landscapes of such beauty. We simply want to share with you this passion for good food, great wines and breathtaking landscapes.
  • OUR TEAM: Our experts and collaborators represent an exceptional and diverse group: caring hosts, thought-provoking readers and seasoned communicators. Coming from different horizons and cultures, the only document more complete than their CV is their passport! They speak fluent English, French and Italian, which comes in handy when reading reviews or connecting locally.
  • BONUS REASON: We do not earn commission from hotels or any visited sites. Your trip cost are transparent, because you don't pay us — we'll use your credit card to pay the vendors directly so you'll see clearly what each item cost you. Hence our consulting fee.

How much does it cost and why?

We offer three plans:

  • COACH from $60 to $499 for unlimited access to receive coaching, advices and/or tips;
  • GUIDE at $100 per travel day for planning if you don’t need reservations/bookings.
  • CONCIERGE at $200 per travel day for full service planning with reservations/bookings
Travel planning rates cover up to 4 travelers. For groups over 4 people, we charge $50 extra for each additional person. For full pricing details, visit: www.foodienomad.ca How do we justify our pricing?
  • Your time saved during the planning process (compared to doing it yourself):
    • to organize a trip to Europe with the level of organization and detail provided by FoodieNomad , you would have to spend about 8h per travel day. For a 10-day trip, that's about 80h of search (Internet, guidebooks or with friends) and calls to book everything (lodging, restaurants, foodie activities).
  • Time used more efficiently during your trip:
    • when a trip is well-organized ahead of time, you won't waste time getting lost; showing up at the train station to realize that train don't run on Sundays; fixing errors due to the language barrier during the booking process; missed on the visit of an exclusive winery you just discovered on the way; or waiting in line for 2 hours for a museum that could have been pre-booked.
    • We estimate that travelers with organized pre-booked itineraries can accomplish at least 20% more in a day, at a lower stress level and for more enjoyment.
As an example :
  • Let's say your 10-day trip to Italy works out to cost $600/day, all inclusive.
  • You have 12 hours per day of "out and about time" to enjoy, explore and relax
  • That means your vacation hours essentialy cost $50.
  • A 10-day vacation consists of 120 vavation hours.
  • Being able to do 20% more because of a well-planned vacation equals to an additional 24 hours spent relaxing and enjoying during your vacations, rather than spent problem-solving and stressed in a foreign country.
  • That means it is a saving of $1,200 (24 hours saved X $50 per hour)
You can input your own numbers in the example above, taking into account that it can be multiplied by the number of people travelling with you, in order to calculate how much you will actually save by having Foodenomad plan your dream vacation!

Which regions do you cover?

FoodieNomad currently covers 100+ foodie destinations in North America and Europe! Although we concentrate on the above regions, it doesn't mean we can't accomodate you. Don't hesitate to reach out if your travel plans include other destinations as FoodieNomad is constantly expanding its horizon.

Who is FoodieNomad?

FoodieNomad is a foodie travel coaching and planning service that plans your perfect trip. Answer our 5-minute questionnaire and FoodieNomad will pair you 1-on-1 with a travel concierge. Your concierge will custom-build your dream itinerary based on your needs, expectactions and objectives. Save yourself hours of travel research and leave it to us, so you don't miss out on the best restaurants, wine tours, wine tastings and culinary experiences, hidden gems, and more. Recommendations come from our global network of foodie and local experts. FoodieNomad 's founders are experts in the design of itineraries and enogastronomic experiences that are a feast for all senses. They are passionate about the wine terroir, the fine gastronomy and the grandiose landscapes. For the benefit of the readers and our customers, they are constantly looking for magical places and famous for the quality of life and they travel the world to inspire new colors, flavors and new fragrances. Outstanding communicators and guides, they are particularly fond of California (Napa, Sonoma, Monterey), France (Provence, Côte d'Azur, Gironde, Burgundy, Basque Country), Portugal (Douro, Porto), Spain (Basque Country, Andalucia, Balearic Islands, Catalonia, Rioja), and most importantly, Italy (Amalfi Coast, Riviera, Tuscany, Rome, Veneto). FoodieNomad's network of local experts and collaborators adds decades of experience, combined with their deep local knowledge and passion for cultural immersion - and they will be happy to share this passion with you and help us make your dream come true You can follow them on FoodieNomad 's blog, A FEAST FOR ALL SENSES.

How does it work?

Working with FoodieNomad is simple:

  • Book your initial session with a personal travel concierge so we can learn more about you and your desired trip.
  • Pick the plan that works best for you (travel coaching or planning).
  • Your concierge starts working with you
    • With the COACH coaching service, your concierge will initiate a conversation (email or chat) and provide answers to your questions and/or provide travel tips
    • With the GUIDE planning service, you’ll receive a draft of your daily travel plan to review, be able to request changes, then receive your travel plan and links to book your lodging, restaurants and foodie activities. You'll also receive transport recommendations.
    • With the CONCIERGE planning service, you’ll receive a draft of your daily travel plan to review (unlimited revisions) and then your travel concierge will procede to book your lodging, restaurant reservations and foodie activities (wine tours, tastings or culinary experiences).
You'll enjoy a worry-free trip with awe-inspiring foodie experiences, with everything you need in hand along the way (in our Web app or PDF).

Do you book flights?

We don’t book flights, but we'll provide you advice and links to specific flight to book based on your trip specificity and travel needs.

What if I only want FoodieNomad to plan a part of my trip?

No problem! You can simply specify the dates you'd like us to plan to your travel concierge during the initial consulting session or the email/chat communications. The dates can be non-consecutive days.


  • Clarify your travel objectives and  itinerary 

  • Make unique encounters with  artisans of the local terroir 

  • secure your spot for exclusive enogastronomic experiences in award-winning vineyards and restaurants.

  • Guarantee your access to the best local guides

  • Discover  local hidden gems 

  • Make sure you stay at the best boutique-hotels and BnB

  • Guarantee a stress-free vacation  

  • Save money on lodging  and transport  

  • Save time on preparation and web search

Our decision to use Foodie.Nomad  contributed to our most amazing trip ever.


Rather than  travel agents with a generic guided tour, dictating the specific where’s and when’s, they instead crafted consciously for us, a tailored itinerary in awe-inspiring landscapes a filled with foodie experiences that lit up all of our senses. Thank you for making this trip a truly dream vacation!

Chantal & Michael

June 2017

They created a magical itinerary and saved us hundreds of hours of pouring through review sites.

Helping us develop a framework for our trip that focused on the aspects of travel that were important to us and allowing us the ability to delve deeper and stay longer whenever we desired. A tailored itinerary made this trip unforgettable. It’s was amazing to  have our friends at Foodie.Nomad help and guide us along the way.

Dom & Valerie

October 2017