Need inspiration? Explore awe-inspiring experiences.

From truffle hunting in the Piedmont, to the exploration of the fish market in Venice and the private cooking class in the heart of Tuscany, an exclusive guided tour of the hidden treasures of the Vatican City to discover caves of the island of Capri, a magical walk in the beautiful hills of Chianti to the enchanting fields of lavender in Provence, an exclusive wine experience in the great castles of Bordeaux to navigate the archipelagos of Maddalena and shopping in Sardinia, our network of local experts will create for you, fabulous experiences that you are not ready to forget.

Over the years, foodie.nomad has forged strong and close links with a network of the best experts, guides and hosts in each of the regions served. Whether in America or Europe, you will always benefit from our support and that of our network.

A World of Aromas and Flavors


foodie.nomad is passionate about local viniculture and local gastronomy throughout France, Italy and California. We personally explore and discover each year new oeno-tourist experiences in each of the destinations we suggest you.


For foodie.nomad, wine tourism is the pursuit of unique and memorable gourmet experiences, centred on the tasting of wine and local products. Food is an important aspect of local culture and the lifestyle of indigenous people. The cuisine and the art of the table often reflect the personality of the inhabitants of a region. No cultural experience is complete or exotic without an experience of local cuisine.


We are particularly proud to discover and share with you these experiences to make your trip a memorable success. We are neither chefs nor masters, but simply oenologists and fine palates, lovers of fine cuisine and passionate about local grape varieties. Join us for exclusive wine tourism getaways.



What is Your Definition of Luxury?


foodie.nomad designs personalized itineraries, impossible to realize for yourself, for a dream trip to Italy that must be done at least once in a lifetime. Foodie.nomad's friends speak with great enthusiasm of our many travels to Italy, meticulously created and refined over the years. With this wealth of experience in hand and our modern approach based on a role of advisor, rather than the traditional model of commissioned travel agencies, you benefit from our passion and expertise to achieve your dream while saving money. Check the Frequently Asked Questions to understand how you can save money and time. In exchange, we collect a consultation fee for our services rather than a commission. One of the first questions for travelers looking for a luxury experience is "what is the definition of luxury for you?


Quality time and life enjoyment.

We work primarily with North American travelers, accustomed to certain standards of comfort and a limited vacation period to the opposite of Europeans. So the luxury for most of us is to take the time to enjoy and make the most of this momentary stop: fabulous landscapes, refined food, exotic and soothing culture, meetings with friendly people, generous and passionate. Our travelers are filled with quality time spent with loved ones, family or friends, inspiring local hosts and guides, unique experiences, a super-comfortable bed, and a smooth, well-planned getaway.


 Staying in a fabulous hotel.


One or more exceptional hotels are included in most of the getaways created by foodie.nomad. Great comfort and personalized service are the essence of these accommodations, whether boutique hotels or grand palaces, urban or in the region. These dream locations are often a destination in itself, with a star-studded restaurant, a breathtaking infinite pool and a luxurious spa. These dream places must be a haven of peace, where the traveler will want to rest and relax. These hotels are often expensive, but worth their weight in gold.


Live an exclusive & personalized experience.

Italy is one of the most important tourist destinations, and places of interest swarm with visitors during the high season. That's why foodie.nomad uses the services of private guides for exclusive tours (Sistine Chapel and crypts of the Vatican City, St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, for a private yacht to sail the coastline of the Amalfi Coast, the Island of Capri or the archipelagos of Maddalena in Sardinia). These experiences, all more extraordinary than the others, are not necessarily expensive. You can easily visit great vineyards, take a cooking class with a great chef at a very reasonable cost. And for the most part, only one of these experiences will become the culmination of your journey.

Discover ‟ultimate” luxury.

Often, the desired getaway represents for our guests the journey of a lifetime, a dream come true, the fulfillment of the "Ultimate List". We usually work with a specific budget determined by travelers, but sometimes we are asked the "best" of everything, not knowing if they will ever come back. Fortunately, "better" does not always mean more expensive, but more "authentic". At other times, it is downright the ultimate luxury that is sought after. In any case, our experts are here to fulfill your dream.


A hassle free trip, no need for organization.

Those who turn to foodie.nomad for a dream itinerary do not aspire to make any travel decisions or coordinate all the details associated with planning this dream getaway. Travel created by foodie.nomad goes smoothly, while ensuring that all travelers enjoy their luxury vacation.




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