Where to next?

With the mid-summer vaccination rate reaching around 75% among the adult population, hope is reborn among foodie travelers, and it is safe to begin to dream that we will soon be able to travel again.

Will you reactivate old travel plans that never came to fruition? Or will you rather find a favorite destination to reconnect with the little pleasures of a popular local cuisine or a little gem of a hidden destination?

I imagine that, like us at FoodieNomad, you go over all your travel memories, to recall the most beautiful and sweet memories that have enabled you in recent months to face the challenges imposed by this pandemic.

To finally be able to find the loved ones in our lives, to enjoy a simple evening around a good table, on the occasion of a getaway of a few days in a magnificent place of resorts and gastronomy, or even better, to a journey (finally) beyond borders, to discover new lands and share moments of pure happiness.

We hope you will soon (re) discover your favorite eno-gastronomic pleasures, as the restrictions approach their end.

We look forward to sharing new foodie experiences with you.

Stay healthy and safe.

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